Website Cookies 

Website cookies are text files containing small amounts of data that are created and stored on your device when you visit a website page. Website cookies are automatically stored in your web browser when you visit any website. 

Necessary cookies  

Some cookies are essential for a website to function correctly and to enable you to access secure areas of the website.   This would include, for instance, making an online purchase or payment. Without necessary cookies, you would be unable to make purchases or payments online. Necessary cookies enable the essential functionality and security features of the website.    

Marketing cookies 

Marketing cookies collect information about your browsing patterns and behaviors across different websites in order to show personalized advertisements according to your interests, based on the products and services that you have viewed.

Analytical tracking cookies 

Analytical tracking cookies collect information about how you browse and use a website. These cookies collect anonymous information such as the frequency of visits to a website, the relative popularity of different pages, the popularity of links on any given page, and any error pages.      

Please note:
This website uses Necessary cookies, Marketing cookies, and Analytical cookies.